Delving the Nentir Vale

Campaign Reboot
The Barron is Dead!

A lot has happened in the Nentir Vale during the last 2-years following the eradication of the shadow plagued demons that infested Kobold Hall.

Samson took an apprenticeship with Nimozaran the Green where he met and married Nimozaran’s daughter Shana. The couple had a baby girl, Kara, last spring and have since moved into the Septarch’s Tower while Samson rents his house to a female Dwarf named Beyla Barrelhelm. Samson also commissioned Kayleth to craft him a fine long sword which he presented to Shana as a wedding gift. She is rarely seen without the sword by her side.

Patrin has continued to train with Draxon and his vineyard is producing some of the best wine in the region. Nentir Valley Wine has become so well known that the Fallcrest Vineyard has come under constant attack by bandits. Last year when bandits attacked, the Vinyard’s chief winemaker, Zeth Sarzan was killed. Patrin has been searching for a new winemaker ever since and has high hopes that Feck Webb is able to pick up where Zeth left off.

Kayleth has been keeping busy helping with the rebuilding of the King’s Gate. It’s rumored that she’s been working solo missions for the Barron when she disappears for weeks at a time but she denies these rumors and says she simply needs time alone.

Lizzi finally married Nil Stephens about a year ago and Nil Jr came along about 9-months ago. She continues to work for the Barron from time to time but most of her time is spent with her family on their farm just south of King’s Gate. She kept her house in Fallcrest and is renting it to a nice Human female named Mirabel Kroft. Lizzi continues in the faith and works closely with Dirina Mornbrow at the Temple of Erathis.

The Cresthill Guild was founded about a year ago by Grog and Grumbar who saw a need to unite the sellswords working for Barron Cresthill. Unfortunately, this did not set well will all the sellswords.

Dungarth said a guild was not what he signed up for so he left and said he would never return as long as the guild remained in Fallcrest. He was last seen in Winterhaven offering his services there.

Kamien is working directly with Barron Cresthill now and has moved onto the grounds of the Cresthill estate.

Sim was the most outspoken against to formation of the guild and stormed out of the meeting and has not been seen since. It is rumored however that Sim was the one responsible for the attacks on both Grog and Grumbar last winter. The attacks actually left Grog blind in one eye. (left)

Aramil and Gwenn are members of the guild. They are seen in Fallcrest from time to time.

Kayleth, Lizzi, Patrin and Samson all joined the Guild and have prospered very well.

The following is a recount of the events that have taken place over the course of the last week or so as our group of adventurers make their way back to the Cresthill Estate from the Harkenwold along the King’s Road. They are trying to make sense of what has just happened and emotions are running high. A sense of dread has fallen upon the party as they approach the narrow path leading north to the hidden passageway into the Barron’s Estate…

(1) It does seem a bit out of the ordinary to be meeting Grog outside of Fallcrest for a mission briefing but he said it was very important to the Barron.

It’s just past midnight and as you approach the Knight’s gate you notice something else out of the ordinary. Sergeant Nereth, commander of the gate, comes out, dismisses the two guards, opens the portcullis, and returns to the gatehouse. Grog steps into view and silently motions you forward with hand-gestures and starts walking northwest. You quickly fall in behind Grog and you hear the portcullis close behind you.

Grog has horses waiting down by the river. He mounts his horse and says “Quickly, the Barron wants to speak with you.” He then kicks his horse and heads north-east, towards the Barron’s estate.

A few hours later, still under the cover of darkness, you arrive at the walled estate of Barron Cresthill. You’re not entering the estate by its customary front gate but rather a service entrance on the north-east corner of the compound, through the rose garden and through a door of one of the towers that make up the manor house grounds.

Quickly descending the tower’s steps, you enter a large storehouse filled with crates, barrels and sacks of grain. Grog approaches a stack of crates, bangs 3 times on top of one of the crates, then 1 time on the side of another crate. A few moments later, the entire stack of crates slide back revealing yet another set of stairs leading down. He turns to you, motions towards the stairs and says “Quickly!”

Descending the stairs, your surroundings quickly turn from dusty old warehouse to opulent mansion. The room is a large rectangle in shape, 60 X 80. 2 massive fireplaces dominate the center of each wall to your left and right. A long deeply ornate red rug stretches out before you and ends in front of a massive desk at the far end of the room. There must be 30 people in here all performing various servant type duties or standing guard at various locations around the room. You slowly start your procession along the carpeted route.

The desk has a lot activity going on around it. You see Barron Cresthill setting behind the desk busy writing and servants quickly bringing items to the desk and others taking items away. Standing behind the Barron, in a defensive posture, is a Half-Orc who is actually much bigger than Grog. He eyes you suspiciously as you progress down the carpeted aisle.

A Tiefling enters the room through a door on the left wall and says “You wanted to see me Lord?” You recognize the Tiefling as your one time adventuring partner, Kamien. “Prepare the incantations Kamien” the Barron says without looking up from his writing. There was an awkwardly long pause as Kamien slowly surveys the room. (like he’s looking for something or someone) When he spots you , he finally says, “right away my Lord”. He hurries over to a desk in the corner and starts preparing.

The procession ends in front of the desk and Grog says “Lord”, then takes a position behind the Barron as well. Dwarfed by the Half-Orc standing close to him.

Kamien walks up to the desk and says, “I am ready Lord”. The Barron finally finishes his writing and hands the parchment to Kamien. “2 more Kamien” the Barron says.

The Barron walks from behind his desk and meets you, explaining that he has a personal favor to ask of all of you. He says his friend, Barron Stockmer of the Harkenwold, has missed several of their long-standing card games and every attempt to contact the Barron has ended in failure. He is gravely concerned and asks that you travel the Harkenkeep and take these messages to him him. He goes on to say that both Kamiem and Grog both suspect foul play and that is the reason for his meeting you in secret. He hands you the letters sealed with his signet ring.

Once the group accepts the offer, the Barron picks up a strange stone from the table, and places it in a small indention in the wall behind his desk. A small section of wall slides away revealing a narrow passageway. He hands you the stone and says “You’ll need this in the other end.” The passageway goes from carefully laid stone to chiseled rock to natural caves and tunnels. The party emerges from the passageway more than a mile from the estate, still undercover of night. 4 horses and 2 weeks provisions are awaiting.

By dawn of the next day, shortly after entering the Harken Forest along the King’s Road, you’ve already been accosted by 2 two groups of bandits. Interestingly, all bearing the same emblems upon their armor or cloaks. That of a red-and gold-trimmed gray ring. Coincidence? You think not.

You arrived in Harkenwold in the middle of the day. It’s a broad, lightly settled valley between two arms of the Harken Forest. You haven’t traveled more than a mile or two into the valley before more trouble appeared. Several more of those bandits attempting to burn down a small farmstead. Once again you take down the bandits and once again, they were baring that same insignia. You are thinking to yourselves at this point that this is defiantly an organized effort, not a mindless bunch of thugs.

After the fighting was over, a middle-aged half-elf woman emerged from the house with 2 young boys. She thanked you for stopping those Iron Circle Brigands and then began to spew forth what’s been happening in Harkenwold over the last month or so.

“The Iron Circle is full of sellswords and cutthroats who seized Harkenwold over a month ago. They’ve got Baron Stockmer imprisoned in his own keep, and they’ve been plundering the land ever since. They say they’re collecting taxes, but it’s robbery, pure and simple. They are lead by a king want to be human named Nazin Redthorn. Despicable character.”

She went on to say that she had heard rumors that Harkenwolders are starting to organize a rebellion against these Iron Circle brigands and she thinks you should go talk with Dar Gremath over at the village of Albridge. You head to Albridge to find Dar.

You do find Dar in Albridge. A broad-shouldered, gray-haired man of 55 years. He explained that he was an adventuring fighter in his youth, and he was not about to let a few brigands ruin his new home. He’s kind of the self-appointed leader of the rebellion and has organized a network of runners and scouts to keep in touch with the elders of the other Villages.

Dar asks you to perform a series of gorilla attacks against the Iron Circle’s supply wagons to weaken the Circle’s influence in the area. Using Albridge as the base of your operations, you stage many successful ambushes over the next week. This tactic works so well in fact that the Iron Circle mounts a counter attack against the village of Albridge.

Dar, with your help, manages to muster together the remaining resistance forces and sets up defensive positions around the village. Dar asks each one of you to take charge of a position to help defend the village. As the Iron Circle forces are repelled and driven back one by one, each of you are summoned to the Radden farmhouse where Dar and his men had setup position on the eastern edge of the village. Dar and his men were being overrun and taking heavy loses. You arrive just in time, take charge and you spearheaded the final assault on Iron Circle forces. Victory has been won!

(2) The celebration is short.

Only minutes after you finish with your last foes, you hear a roar of challenge. Another group of Iron Circle soldiers is advancing on you. They are supported by two scaly, humanoid creatures with horns and tails, with dripping globs of burning pitch in their taloned hands. With the band rides a massively muscled human warrior in scale armor. A standard flies from a holder at his stirrup-a black pennant with a red-and gold-trimmed gray ring in the center. “You!” the enemy lord cries. “You are the ones who have caused me so much trouble! Know now that you face Lord Nazin Redthorn, champion of the Iron Circle. With your deaths my victory is assured!” He starts barking orders for his men to start advancing as he dismounts his horse.

The ensuing battle is a tough one. The Tar Devils keep several party members tied down but with a few well placed bow shots and magic missiles, our group manages to take out the Tar Devils and the Iron Circle brigands. By concentrating fire on the so-called Lord, our group quickly bloodies him. He immediately disengages and retreats to his war-house standing close by.

Immediately following the retreat of Nazin Redthorn, Dar immediately calls you into his makeshift headquarters and immediately starts planning the attack on Iron Keep (Harken Keep). With Nazin’s defeat here at albridge, He feels now is the time to strike at the heart of the Iron Circle.

Iron Keep is a well fortified keep that sets on a bluff overlooking the King’s road and the village of Harken. Several options are discussed but its finally decided that the best way into Iron Keep is to go in disguised as an Iron Circle patrol returning to the castle.

(3) The Iron Keep (the renamed Harken Keep), stands on top of a short, steep-sided plateau overlooking Harken Village and the King’s Road. The trees and ground cover on the hillside are cut back at least 100 feet from the walls, leaving a bare grassy slope. The hill rises sharply on the eastern side. The other approaches are more gradual, but none flatten out until about 100 feet above the village. A causeway of hard-packed dirt climbs around the hilltop to the castle’s front gate, exposed to archery fire from the towers and walls for most of its length. You think NOT storming the keep was a good call. You’ve equipped yourselves with tunics and cloaks taken from Iron Circle soldiers you defeated at Albridge and are posing as a patrol returning to the castle.

You’ve successfully convinced several other patrols in the area of your Iron Circle standing. So far so good. According to the map your received of the keep back in Albridge from Old Kellar, a stone mason who worked on the Keep’s renovation more than a decade ago, you know that even if you make it through the main gates, you have a lot of ground to cover, including 2 more gated areas, before reaching the Great Tower where it’s suspected that Nazin has setup up quarters. You approach the closed main gates.

Before the gate opens, a harsh voice rings out from the gatehouse. “I don’t remember any of you. Who is your sergeant? Where did you say you were coming from?” Bantering with teifling guard appeared to go very well until he spots Patrin. The ol Tiefling turned away and yells “Open the gate. Show these jackals how we deal with trespassers!” and with that the gate opens and Iron Circle guards pour out of the keep.

The ensuing battles are long and hard. You eventually locate the Great Tower, break through it’s defenses and overpower the guards inside. You enter what looked like the tower’s kitchen only to find more Iron Circle enforcers and another mage. The Iron circle were waiting on you and as soon as you enter the room the mage let loose a Thunder Burst, slamming you all against the wall and killing several servants near by. Quickly recovering, you dispatch the Iron Circle without another lose of life. You locate Barron Stockmer locked in a supply closet. He is a brave old fellow of 65 years, weak and sick after his imprisonment. He’s pugnacious and optimistic, but clearly in no shape to take up arms despite his brave words.

The Barron thanks you for your help in freeing him and promises to reward you richly but urges you to finish off Nazin Redthorn rather than worry about his safety. He tells you about a secret passage from the dining room, the area directly below you, that leads up to the lord’s quarters where Nazin is taking refuge.

(4) You make your way back down stairs and into the dining room. You find the small loose wall stone the Barron told you would be there and push it. A small section of wall slides back and reveals a very narrow, dark passageway and stairs leading up. You ascend the stairs until finally coming to a dead-end. You pull the chain hanging from the ceiling and once again, a section of wall slides back. This time revealing a room.

This spacious suite clearly belongs to the master of the keep. Comfortable carpets cover the wooden floor, and various tapestries and paintings hang on the walls. Across the room stands a large canopy bed. A magnificent hearth lies in a corner. A hobgoblin with a Morningstar stands guard by the door, and standing over a table is a priest in Iron Circle scarlet. Sitting near him is a tall, massively muscled man with short red hair and a great three-headed flail at his side-Nazin Redthorn!

The warlord of the Iron Circle looks over at you with contempt. “You think you’ve defeated us?” he snarls. “You are rabbits in the wolf’s den. We’ll hang your corpses from the battlements!”

This battle was tough. Nazin put up one heck of a fight but ultimately you defeated him. Nazin and his men are either dead or retreating from Harken Castle. You make you way back down stairs where servants have cleaned & dressed the Barron and have prepared him a meal. As you enter the room, he anxiously gets up and greets you at the door.

“Well, he is dead?” he asks

“He is dead my lord!” you tell him.

“I said I would reward you richly and I am a man of my word. From this day forward (he surveys the room to make sure everyone is listening) , let it be known that the 4 individuals who liberated Harken Castle and freed me from the Iron Circle and who are standing before me now, shall be known as the Defenders of Harkenwold.” Applause rings out from the servants in the room.

“Follow me” says the Barron.

He leads you back up the stairs and into his bed chamber where the bloody body of Nazin Redthorn still lies. He approaches the charred and damaged door near the fireplace, touches a few runic symbols and opens the door. He motions for you to enter and says “The Harken treasury. It is yours for returning the Harkenwold to its people!”

The Barron then goes to the bed and pulls a hidden lever from below and small drawer juts from the footboard. He says, “this is also for you.” He pulls out a few small bags and hands them to you.

You spend the next few hours helping round up the remaining Iron Circle forces in and around the keep. You make your way down the road to Haken which is lined with Harkenwolders cheering and throwing flowers in your pathway. You are after all, the Defenders of Harkenwold.

Most of Harken has been ransacked or destroyed by the Iron Circle. The villagers have managed to put together a few supplies at the Trading Station and are more than willing to give you what you need in the way of supplies or mending/repair services. The priests have even said they are offering healing services to anyone who needs it.

(5) With assurances, and letter in hand, from Barron Stockmer that he will visit Barron Cresthill at his estate once he is strong enough to travel, you begin the journey back to the Estate. A caravan of servants and armed guards left for Fallcrest hours ago carrying your hard earned reward.

You make it back to Albridge just after dark. Tired and hungry.It was good to see that the Mallard Inn survived the attack and upon entering the Inn, you once again find villagers celebrating their new found freedom and when Onneth, the Inn’s owner, sees you enter, the entire Inn erupts into even more celebration. Hugs, pats on the back and an all around grateful attitude fills the Inn. You’re quickly ushered to the bar, food and drink are served and the party begins…………it looks to be a long night of celebration.

The sudden thumping of hooves interrupts your reverie. Through a window you see a black horse, its rider a scarred Tiefling warrior wearing chainmail and gauntlets. He dismounts and enters the tavern, a greatsword over his back and a dripping sack in one hand. He recognizes you immediately and frowns. “I carry a message from Lord Vhennyk. Lord Vhennyk wants you to know that the Iron Circle is not finished with Harkenwold nor the Nentir Vale.”

With that, the tiefling dumps the contents of the bloody sack onto the floor. A severed head tumbles across the floor and stops only a few feet away for you. You recognize the dead-eyed face staring up at you as that of Barron Cresthill.

The sound of approaching horses bring you back to the matter at hand. It’s Dungarth.

Praise the gods! You’re alive!

SESSION NINE: Kobold Hall - Part 2


Kobold Hall – Part 2


1000gp per Member

Kobold hall


Heroes who answered the call: Kayleth; Lizzi; Samson

Pre-Session Activity

The pre-session activity for this session consisted of simply selling off the magic items found in the previous session and purchasing healing potions. Less than one day of game time passed between the two sessions.

Session Activity

The Assignment -

When our group meets up with Grog the next morning and he tells them that apparently some sort of plague had reached the Nentir Vale. The description of the Kobolds matched reports of other infected creatures outside the Vale. He urged them to find the source of this plague and dispatch it quickly but to make sure that none of them become infected. The Barron had once again authorized him to double our normal fee. There is no known cure. Our group then departed for Kobold Hall.

Making their way back to area where the secret door is and descending the stairs once again, our group finds itself in the small ante-chamber with 3 doors:

Kobold hall ante chamber

Our group opens another door and once again finds more stairs. Descending into the darkness our group finds themselves in another section of dungeon beneath Kobold Hall once again.

Kh pt1 start

Traversing the dungeon was becoming “old hat” for our group of adventurers and only once did someone get careless and set off a trap. Fortunatly for our group, Samson was the only one standing close by when the runes exploded, sending an electric shock throughout the area. Samson was able to shake off the effects immediately and our group pressed on.

Once again our group found three areas filled with the plague infested Kobolds and once again they wiped them out. Burning through most of their healing potions once again, our group decides to return to Fallcrest, report what they have found, restock their supplies and return the next day to enter the third and final door.

Post-Session Activity

There was really no post-session activity this time.

[DM NOTE: I forgot to get a picture of the layout of our dungeon exploration for this session because it was so late when we finished.]

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SESSION EIGHT: Kobold Hall - Part 1


Kobold Hall – Part 1


500gp per Member

Kobold hall


Heroes who answered the call: Kayleth; Lizzi; Samson

Pre-Session Activity

The past week (in-game) saw our adventures busy working their “Day Jobs” and visiting friends. Samson had been out of town during the previous excursion to retrieve a stolen item so he spent his week restocking supplies. On one such outing, he caught the attention of a fair-haired,blue-eyed beauty but unfortunately, lost her in the crowd of people in the street. He may never know who she was.

Session Activity

The Assignment -

Our group was once again summoned to the Cresthill Inn where we met with Grog. He explained that recent travelers on the King’s Road have been brutally slain. He suspected that more Kobolds had reoccupied Kobold Hall but is was very uncharacteristic of Kobolds to be so brutal. The Barron authorized him to double the normal fee and the group were to set out immediately to investigate the problem.

They arrived at Kobold Hall and saw nothing of immediate concern. When they entered the ruins, all was as it had been left just a few months earlier when they cleaned out the previous occupants. (In fact, the very first 4e adventure I ran for this group was the Kobold Hall adventure from the DMG almost 2 years ago) Our group made their way through the keep and eventually to the lair of the white dragon where they spotted a door that must have been covered with ice the last time they were here. Upon further examination, the door lead further down beneath the keep.

Descending the stairs our group finds itself in a small ante-chamber with 3 doors:

Kobold hall ante chamber

After several minutes of discussion, our group opens one of the doors and finds more stairs. Descending into the darkness our group finds themselves in a dungeon beneath Kobold Hall.

Kh pt1 start

[DM’S NOTE: This is the first real use of the Rules for Dungeon Exploration that I developed a while back and turned out pretty well. I think I need to revisit some of the results tables but all in all they had a good experience.]

Our group sets out exploring the dungeon looking for any signs of Kobolds. It was obvious that nothing had been in this dungeon in eons or so our group was beginning to think. Lizzi was a little careless in entering an area and did not see the runes etched into the stone floor. The entire area around her exploded in a ball of fire singeing her clothes and hair. A little further down the hall, Kayleth finds their first room. Listening intently at the door, she overhears a conversation but in a language she does not understand. Opening the door, our group finds the Kobolds they have been seeking. Or are they?

The creatures standing before them are some sort of Kobold abomination. Darker skinned and more hideous than other Kobolds they have come across before, these Kobolds appeared to be busting from their skin. They had large gaping holes in their bodies and torn flesh that oozed a purple and gold and red. The look in their eyes told our heroes that there would be no talking to this group. They immediately rushed our group with spears and swords!

Samson was the first to fell one of the abominations and when it fell to the floor, it was as if the purple and gold liquid immediately drained from its body and ran between the cracks in the stone floor. “That can’t be good!” said Samson

The group spent a few more minutes battling the kobolds and as each one fell, the purple and gold liquid drained from their bodies and disappeared beneath the floor.

More exploration and 2 more rooms were discovered by our group of adventurers. The last room had several brutish kobolds the likes our group had never seen before as well as a Kobold spell caster that gave them fits. On more than one occasion our group was wondering if they had bitten off more than they could chew (it’s a good thing the stocked up on healing potions before they left) but ultimately they prevailed.

With this side of the ante-chamber cleaned out, our group decides to head back to Fallcrest to report what they have discovered. Grog seemed very concerned and departed immedialty to talk with the Barron. He told our group to rest up, resupply and meet him back at the Inn the next afternoon.

Post-Session Activity

The group spends time selling a few magic items and gems that they picked up while in the dungeon and decided to go ahead retire to their homes to rest before meeting Grog the next day.

We ended the session knowing it was a good day of gaming.

[DM NOTE: Here is the final layout of our dungeon exploration. All in all, everyone really enjoyed the randomness of the play session and towards the end, with only a few tiles left, it was like was like they were play Russian Roulette, hoping they would not be the one to pull the final door tile. It was a fun time.

Kh pt1 complete

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SESSION SEVEN: Retrieve Stolen Property


Retrieve Stolen Property


250gp per Member

Heroes who answered the call: Aramil; Gwenn; Kayleth; Lizzi; Patrin

Pre-Session Activity

This play session saw the first use of the new in-game time frames that we’ve implemented. Read more about that here. Each placer spent a considerable amount of time developing their PC’s daily habits and establishing their day-to-day routines. There was a lot of talk about jobs and about the future business the PCs would start or buy when money became available. Overall, the players really enjoyed the “bringing it to life” aspect of the game that we’ve decided to do. We’re really flushing out the Fallcrest area with an enhanced Fallcrest Location Key and the daily habits of each of the PCs. The coming months should prove to be exciting as we continue to perform the odd job for the Barron as well as the other routines that we’ve established for our PCs.

Session Activity

The Assignment -

Our group was summomed to the Cresthill Inn where we met with Barron Cresthill and Grog.

The Barron explained that a lady had something stolen and he had reason to believe that it was of such significant importance that he purchased the item from the lady and was sending us to retrieve it. From the description given by the lady, Grog suspected that one of the River Rats was responsible for the theft and we were to go talk with a man named Gort in the Lower Warehouse District to find out where he may be.

The Lower Warehouse District

We headed off to find this Gort person and it did not take long. Hoever, Gort is a nervous type of follow and when Lizzi tried to talked to him about the River Rats, he took off running.

We finally chased him down and got him to talk but not before Patrin threatened to pound him. He told us that if the River Rats were looking sell something that was stolen, they would go see Mira Moonridge, the human female who ran the Black Market Underground. After a little more convincing, Gort was happy to tell where we could find this Mira Moonridge and the Black Market Underground.

At the north end of the Lower Warehouse District we found the grate that Gort told us about and quickly descended into a underground city. Apparantly Aramil had been studying Fallcrest’s history because he know that the Fallcrest that we know today was actually built upon the remains of a much older city. The Black Market Underground was in fact some of the remains of that city from long ago.

The Underground

The Black Market Underground was actually bustling with activity, much like the Market Green up on the surface. There were stores and stall vendors all selling merchandise, some probably of questionable origin. Each of us talked to vendors and customers alike trying to get information on the whereabouts of Mira Moonridge. Most would not even talk to us but finally we discovered her shop and went inside.

Mira Moonridge was a middle-aged human female with eyes as cold as ice. When we entered her shop she was quick to put on the persona of the eager shopkeeper but as soon as we asked about the River Rats, her demeanor turned as cold as her stares. She was none to eager to tell us anything but finally out of desperation to get us to leave her shop, she told us that she did not buy “items such as that which your seek.” She wanted noting to do with “that sort of stuff”. When asked where the guy went when she did not purchase the stolen goods, she said that he would sure find a buyer in the old keep on the edge of The Cloakwood in the Witchlight Fens. She told us of a shortcut through the underground and then through the sewers below that.

The Fens

We walked for what seemed like days but eventually we emerged from the sewers into the Witchlight Fens. We emerged just in time to catch a patrol of Lizardfolk by surprise and we dispatched them fairly quickly.

The Keep

Arriving at the keep we found the main gate ajar and just walked in. Our sudden presence startled a couple of guards who called for reinforcements. This battle was long and grueling. Several party members were being hit by some unknown assailant and taking considerable damage from what or whomever was in hiding. After several tense moments, Gwenn and Aramil climbed a nearby ladder and discovered a guy with a sling hidden in the shadows of the tall parapet walls.

While Gwenn and Aramil took care of the guy with the sling, the rest of the party had there hands full with a bunch of human street thugs. The interesting part was the number of Tieflings that were present along with the humans and we guessed they were not all part of the same gang. Kayleth spotted a guy who matched the description given to them by Grog and quickly took him out with a little help from Patrin and Samson. Kayleth spotted the stolen item lying next to the thuggish brute she just took care of and picked it up. That’s about the time she spotted the other human and so she took off after him.

Lizzi was taking a beating from a few of those Tieflings until Patrin joined her. They finished them off and then entered one of the shacks looking for more.

By the time Gwenn and Aramil finished off the guy with the sling, another one emerged on the opposite side of the compound that was giving the rest of the party fits. While the others finished off those down below, they made there way around the parapet and finished him off as well.

Our group spent several hours rummaging around in the buildings gathering up items we thought might be of value. We departed the keep and arrived at Fallcrest just before sundown.

Post-Session Activity

We spent another half hour discussing the “Post-Session” activities of selling and divvying up the loot. That lead to other discussions of pay from jobs and payments to employees and hirelings. It was decided that a “normal” wage for our group would be 40gp per month.

That discussion lead to more discussions about treasure and the fact of “that’s why we go adventuring. To find the treasure…………” With that we decided on a more traditional treasure parcel system from the more random system we were currently using although I’m not quite sure what that will look like in the coming months.

We ended the session knowing it was a good day of gaming.

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SESSION SIX: Wyrmling Problems


Wyrmling Problems


250gp per member

173 cs lost library


Heroes who answered the call: Gwenn; Kayleth; Lizzi; Patrin; Samson

The Assignment -

Farmer’s near The Chaos Scar complain about a Brown Wyrmling. Investigate the Wyrmling problem and help out the farmers.

Our group makes their way to the farmlands near The Chaos Scar and finds several farmers who recently lost sheep or cattle to a “reptilian creature” the size of a small dog. Judging by viciousness of the attacks and the tracks near-by, our group does in fact believe it to be a small Wyrmling. Combing the country-side, our group soon discovers a series of caves on the outer edge of The Chaos Scar and decide to investigate.

The grass grows sparse as you approach the cave, revealing a sand-covered stone floor. A well-trodden trail leads into the darkness. The sound of metal on rock reverberates throughout the cavern.

The group cautiously enters the mouth of the cave and no sooner as they were all inside:

Sand scatters as a brown dragon the size of a small dog launches itself out of the ground. Bellowing, the dragon says, “A swift death comes to those that interfere with the creation of my home.”

The Wrymling comes to rest at the bottom of a small set of stairs. Our group quickly rushes the Wyrmling only to come face-to-face with a wall of fire from the Wyrmling that temporarily blinds the entire party. Swinging and firing wildly in the direction of the Wyrmling, they manage to mortally wound it. It promptly kicks up a big cloud of dust and buries itself in the sand again. That’s about the time our group spots the others!

Apparently the Wrymling had enlisted the help of a few Kobolds because the lower chamber was full of them. Our group was so preoccupied with the dragon that they missed the presence of the Kobolds.

Several of the Kobolds had short swords and rushed the group while they were still at the stop of the stairs. Another one further inside the cave, at the back, was slinging some sort of sticky stuff but was not very accurate with his shots. Patrin wound up stepping in a bunch of the sticky stuff anyway and was held in place for a few minutes. Eventually the group cleared out the Kobolds and made their way further into the cave in search of the Wrymling.

As you turn the corner, the natural walls of the passage abruptly transition into well-crafted stonework. A rock wall that sealed off the tunnel has been pushed down and now lies scattered on the floor, allowing access to a chamber illuminated by a soft blue glow.

Two ransacked bookshelves lean against the walls of the room. The contents of the shelves have been thrown into a moldering pile on the floor.

An antique desk sits near the middle of the room, surrounded by glowing dwarven runes carved into the floor. Behind the desk is a wooden table covered in alchemical equipment. In the far corner of the room, a humming arcane portal hovers a few inches above a glowing circle carved into the floor.

As a small clutch of kobolds turn to face you, a dragonborn clad in leather armor unsheathes a longsword and nimbly advances, snarling.

No sooner had the group entered the room than a Kobold weilding a Pick-Axe rushes Patrin, Patrin simply swats the attack away and conks the guy on the head and he collapses into a pile on the floor at Patrin’s feet.

The Dragonbord proved to be a tougher opponent, especially with Patrin and Samson “Stuck” in place by more of the sticky-pot throwing Kobolds. Once the Dragonborn went down, Samson decided to cross the room and get in the face of the Sticky-pot slinging Kobolds and totally forgot about the “glowing dwarven runes” around the desk.


Samson is hit by a wall of force and spends a few minutes wondering what happened. In the mean-time, the rest of the group crosses the room and takes out the remaining Kobolds.

Gwenn spends a few minutes sifting through the pile of books and determines that the books deal with esoteric arcane knowledge, such as the creation of magical items or the history of the Elemental Chaos. She decides to gather them up to see if she can sell them to someone in Fallcrest when she returns.

Patrin rummages around on the desk and finds a note:

“It is fitting that the lantern’s elemental
flame grants access to my library; only
the knowledge in these books has granted
me the power to tame the elements. My
mastery over earth and stone continues
to grow. I excavated the Tomb in record
time and the portal opens perfectly when I
blow the whistle.

I wish I did not need a tomb, but I’ve
chased off too many grave robbers over
the past few months. I could not risk
Locantra’s body being stolen. I moved
entire blocks of earth at once, but they are
now safe deep underground—the dead
shall lie in peace.

I have only one chamber left to build,
but it will be the most difficult of all. I
am almost finished with the key—just
one final enchantment and the battle
standard will be complete."

Kayleth finds two vials of a purplish liquid (later determined to be alchemist’s acid) and some other alchemical reagents (she later sold for 50gp).

After much discussion, our group decides to step through the portal in the corner of the room.

As you step through the portal, you feel your bodies shifted through miles of rock in a moment that feels both instantaneous and endless. You feel your form coalesce in a rocky chamber standing in a glowing yellow circle. A hovering lantern stands a short distance away, illuminating the room. Before you is a wooden staircase leading up to the rest of the room. At the top of the stairs stands a Dragonborn clad in scale next to a small ballista that swivels, of its volition, in your direction.

The ballista was apparently enchanted because it fires as soon as the group appears in the chamber and hits Lizzi and Patrin pretty good. Samson and Lizzi rush the stairs while Patrin heads for a corner. He then tries to scale the 10-foot high walls but can’t get a hand-hold so he to decides to rush the stairs as well.

Samson and Patrin concentrate their attacks on the ballista and at one point Samson even manages to make the ballista fire at the Dragonborn before he finally destroys it. Gwenn and Kayleth concentrate the efforts on more of those sticky-pot throwing Kobolds and Lizzi rushes the Dragonborn at the top of the stairs. Lizzi manages to land a good blow on the Dragonborn but he wheels around and catches her with a solid hit from his longsword. She stumbles and falls a few feet down the stairs, bleeding pretty good.

Kayleth leaves Gwenn down below to take care of the final Kobold and rushes up the stairs to help the rest of her friends. She catches the Dragonborn totally by surprise with 2 really good hits from her axes. The Dragonborn, obviously fearing for his life, bolts around the group, leaps off the balcony, rolls and tumbles into the teleportation circle and disappears, leaving only a shaking Kobold Wyrmpriest. Despite his best efforts, he does not last long and quickly goes down.

Searching the area, the group finds a large trap door, that Gwenn manages to open. From the looks of things it appeared to be a resting chamber and was even lockable from the inside. Finding nothing further of value, our group makes it way back out of the area, confident that the Wyrmling will not bother the farmers any longer and they made their way back to Fallcrest.

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SESSION FIVE: Investigate Ruined Keep


Investigate Ruined Keep


250gp per member

Kmp ruins


Heroes who answered the call: Gwenn; Kayleth; Lizzi; Patrin; Samson

The Assignment -

Rumors have been told for generations about a powerful magical staff that would give its wielder power over the things on the material plane. Until recently the whereabouts of this powerful magical staff have remained uncertain.

After studying the manuscript of a long dead Paladin, the accomplishments of a great sorcerer named Voran Earthmane was found recorded several times and each time it mentioned him having created a mighty staff that allowed him to freely travel between planes but ultimately having to abandon it and leave his laboratory. The manuscript tells of him leaving his home and his staff behind when “a great stone fell from the night sky leaving a path of destruction a mile long and turning the sky red for days and days.”

After putting together the pieces from several entries of this ancient manuscript, we’ve determined the stone was in fact the Chaos Stone. The very one that carved the Chaos Valley. Apparently destroying his home and laboratory.

Meet our informant in Restwell Keep at the Traveler’s Inn on the edge of the Chaos Valley. He is a young Halfling by the name of Rilkin. He says he has information about the possible location of this long-ruined keep.

Fee for this job is 4000gp. Rilkin’s fee is 800gp and must be paid from this fee.

Our group spent most of the day traveling to Restwell Keep where they did in fact meet a young halfling named Rilkin. After a few minutes of banter, Rilkin agreed to take the group as far he could but he would not take them all the way to the ruins. He said the place was haunted and smelly. The group wanted to leave immediately so they set out for the ruins with Rilkin in the lead.

Several hours later Rilkin stops just short of a crest on a hill. He then turns to the group and said “This is a far as I go. The ruins are just over this hill.” and then he jumps on a large rock near by and says “See, you can see the walls from here.” With that, he hopped down and headed back they way they came. Cresting the hill, the group makes its way to the ruins.

A soggy gloom fills the crumbling ruins of this keep. The few intact walls cast thick pools of shadows that obscure the jumbled mess of debris that covers the spongy wooden floor. A wet, boggy stench saturates the interior of the ruins, likely from the thick pits of mud that bubble up from some hidden reservoir below, creating wallows of slimy muck.

Patrin is the first through the doors quickly followed by Kayleth. Upon entering the crumbling building, the group come face to face with mud. Stinky, Slimy Mud.

Squatting in muddy wallows amid the ruined keep are half a dozen froglike humanoids. Some of them grip crude spears and javelins, while the others are naked save for a coating of filthy mud. A chorus of deep, reverberating croaks echoes off the walls of the ruins when the creatures see you.

Our group is quickly surrounded by croaking frogs (Bullywug) but manage to dispatch them with little effort. They begin to search the ruins and Gwenn discovers a hidden trap door in the Northwest corner. Opening the door revealed a ladder going down, not into darkness but onto a dimly lit platform with stairs leading south.

This stone chamber is bathed in a greasy, yellow glow from a pair of smoking braziers in the northwest and southeast corners of the room. The floor is covered in a thick viscous mud that adds a swampy stink to the pungent smoke issuing from the braziers. Toppled tables, bookshelves, and other bits of furniture thrust up from the muck in various places like islands in a muddy sea. Almost a dozen loathsome, froglike humanoids squat in the mud on the east end of the room, near a pair of double doors that are slightly ajar.

Everyone immediately noticed the large area in the center of the room looked a lot deeper than the rest of the mud elsewhere in the room. They avoided this area at all costs and were again quickly surrounded by frogs. Not much more difficult than the frogs upstairs, our group quickly dispatches these with a few comments like ’We’ll be eatin’ good tonight!". They waded through the deepening mud and pushed through the southern doors.

This large room is lit by more of the stinking, smoky braziers and seems to be even muddier than the previous room. A pair of large, L-shaped tables and a number of tall bookshelves, all made of stone and strewn with the broken remains of ancient alchemical equipment, mark this room
as having once been some kind of laboratory. The center of the room is taken up by a shallow pit filled with thick mud, and within this filthy wallow are two of the most enormous frogs you have ever seen.

“More Frogs!”

Most everyone noticed the bulky stone door, barred and shut, in the western wall. A steady river of thick mud flowing from beneath the door.

“….and more mud!”

These frogs turned out not to be the push-over that the last few had been. In fact, one frog in the back of the room was carrying some type of staff and every time he raised it up and croaked, the center of the room exploded in fire, burning party member and frog alike. It did not seem to matter to him that his buddies were burning to. He gave the party fits!

One of those enormous frogs kept lashing out at Patrin with his tongue and yanking him around. Several times he was even swallowed but guessed the frog did not like the way he tasted because he would spit him out and then do it all over again. That went on for several LONG minutes. The other gigantic frog even did that to Samson at one point until the rest of the group could fight through the smaller ones to finish off the larger ones.

That only left the one with the staff and he tried to make a run for it but without the support of all the other frogs, he went down quickly. Our group then turned their attention to the barred door. Opening it:

This stone vault is lined with shelves holding many strange devices. Some of them even appear to be intact and might be valuable. However, your most pressing concern lies at the
western end of the room, in a small alcove, where a thick, stone staff juts out from a swirling vortex of mud and spews forth a steady deluge of elemental muck.

“The source of the mud. Yuck!”

By the time our group enters this room, the mud in most places is knee deep. Content on just ransacking the room, Gwenn starts picking through the shelves of weird objects until Samson says “That is a magical staff over there and probably the source of all this mud. That’s probably the wizard’s staff that we come to collect. Let’s get that and then we’ll see what other valuable things are in this room.” By this time the mud had pushed the door closed again and the mud was filling the room.

Gwenn waded through waist deep mud until she was next to the staff but when she reached out and touch it, oh boy! Suddenly, the roiling mud rises up in vaguely anthropomorphic shapes that flail and batter at you with lashing, muddy appendages. 4 “Med Men” rose up and lashed out at Gwenn until the other members wadded in and took up the fight.

Samson was in the back frantically trying to remember ancient incantations that may help dislodge the staff from the mud. The rest of the group would fight off a mud guy and then try to dislodge the staff. This went on for several minutes with a pair of the mud men dispatched only to be replaced by another one only moments later…………….and the room was still filling with mud. Samson mutters one last word and yells for Gwenn to pull the staff. SUCCESS!! The staff is released from its muddy home.

With it’s release, the mud men disappear back into the mud which is then sucked back into whatever outer-realm world put it there. Our group pilfers through the jumbles of junk on the shelves and picks out the best looking items hoping to sell them for a few gold back in Fallcrest. They then make their way out of the keep and back to Fallcrest for a much needed bath.

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Our group sets out to spend some of their well earned money that they’ve been collecting these past 3 years. They purchase new homes, buy new weapons and armor and then head back over to the Cresthill Inn to check out the Job Board.

Lizzi buys the abandoned house just below the Septarch’s Tower from Nimozaran the Green. She spends a few thousand gold fixing up the place

Samson buys a house from Nimena Sandercot for fair price and spends another thousand in gold fixing it up to suit his needs.

Patrin simply moves into one of the abandoned houses on the west side of the Nentir River. He spends a few thousand gold fixing up the place up and settles in.

Kayleth purchased her new home from Lord Markelhay himself.

Gwenn buys her new home from Orest Naerumer who had just finished remodeling it. It was in excellent condition so she just moved it and set up house.

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SESSION FOUR: The Crystal Key


Retrieve a Crystal Key


250gp per member



Heroes who answered the call: Gwenn; Kayleth; Lizzi; Patrin; Samson

The Assignment -

The group traveled to the Witchlight Fens in search of a tower. Around dusk that same day, the group discovered a half-buried tower in the muck of the swamp. A quick investigation revealed a staircase leading further down into the tower, below the muck.

Upon descending the stairs:

Decay chokes the air in the modest antechamber. Across it,
a dark passage reveals another staircase going down. You
glimpse glowing pinpricks in the gloom ahead and a faint
shuffling noise that grows louder. Now you see that those
dots of light are the faintly glowing eye sockets of horrid,
rotting zombies with blackened claws.

Yep Zombies! foul smelling undead things.

Our group quickly descends the stairs and dispatches the Zombies back to the land of the dead. A quick look around the room and the group surmises that it was once used for some foul experiments. Blood stains are still on the walls and floor. Our group exits the room though a set of double wooden doors set in the eastern wall. In the next room:

A plain stone room stretches ahead. Double doors, wooden and reinforced with iron bands, stand opposite the ones you just opened. All is still. All is quiet.

Through the perceptive eyes of Kayleth and Gwenn they both spot slots in the floor and ceiling both running east and west. Unfortunately, they notice this after the group had already sprung the trap. Whirling cycle blades emerge from the floor and ceiling at random locations as the group makes their way across the room to another set of wooden doors. Lizzi and Samson both attempt to unlock the door but has no luck.

Finally Gwenn spots a control panel hidden in the southeastern corner of the room. Kayleth quickly moves to it and attempts to disarm the trap. With a twist of a knob and push of a button, she feels a distinct click. (1 success) Both Kayleth and Samson attempt to deactivate the trap but were both unsuccessful (2 failures). While this was going on Lizzi and Patrin both try fend of the Cycles. Lizzi fared a lot better than Patrin who became bloodied but not before getting in a couple of good licks on those things.

Gwenn screams “Let me give it a try” and starts twisting knobs and pushing buttons in the panel but all she could manage is to “jam” a few leavers causing more cycles to appear now. (3 failures). Gwenn, Kayleth and Samson were all hit by the new cycles before Patrin tries the door. “IT’S UNLOCKED” he yells as he exits the room. The rest of the group spends a few more tense minutes dodging cycles before also exiting the room. Whew!

This musty chamber contains four sarcophagi. Doors lead out in the center of the far wall. Bones lie in heaps around the room, mixed with blades and bows. A clattering noise reveals that these aren’t ordinary bones, and that is confirmed when they rise up as one, brandishing pitted and notched weapons.

“More of these things” hollers Gwenn. Two Skeletons flank the group from either of the corners as soon as the group enters the room and keeps them busy while more Skeletons against the far wall pepper them with arrows from their longbows. The group makes short work of the Skeletons but a Bat would swoop out of the darkness and attack Patrin. It was doing some serious damage until Kayleth and Gwenn got it in their sights and took it out. Our group searches the room and only finds a few coins but Gwenn finds a shiny gold Amulet and Lizzi finds a shiny long sword…………….On to the next room

Skeletal warriors, some in wretched condition, stand at the ready in this massive chamber. They raise swords and bows to protect the ghostly form of a headless humanoid dressed
in long, flowing robes. Despite its lack of a head, the ghost cackles when you enter, greeting you with madness.

“Thieves!” it laughs, its voice echoing throughout the room. “I thank you for releasing me from prison. Your reward will be death!”

And with that a volley of arrows stick the group from a row of Skeletal Archers in the back of the room. The Ghost then did some “hokey-pokey” thing and the entire group was hit with necrotic energy. Every one expect Kayleth continued to take damage for several more rounds before they were able to shake it off. All the while the Ghost is trash talking about killing everyone.

The battle was pretty intense and at one point Samson goes down after a volley of arrows hit him and a nasty “Ankle Biter” Skeleton gets him. Fortunately for him, Lizzi was standing right beside him and Laid Hands on him. The ghost trash talking the whole time. By this time, the group had gone through almost all their healing potions and their reserve strength (surge) was all but depleted. It was looking mighty grim. (it got real quite around the table too)

Gwenn began using a special feature of her repeating crossbow that allows her to fire multiple shots at multiple targets and after a few more rounds, the Skeletal Archers were gone. By the time the Archers were gone, the rest of the group had taken out the remaining skeletons. That only left the ghost and wouldn’t you know it, he flees through the back wall.

Again, the sarcophagi were searched and this time Patrin finds a ladder inside one of them that descended down into darkness. Our group decides to put the lid back on the sarcophagus and try to get some shut eye.

<< Players, DM and characters take this opportunity to get some shut eye; play resumed the next afternoon >>

After a few hours of rest, the group felt refreshed and ready to descend into the darkness beneath the sarcophagus.

Soft blue light emanates from a glowing ring set in the floor’s center. Flecks in the walls catch and reflect the light. In the ring’s center hovers a small, blue crystal that is flattened at one end.

“The key!” exclaims Lizzi

Our group spends several hours trying to figure out how to get the key from within the glowing ring. Samson determined (arcana) the ring was defiantly of magical origin and that the stones in the walls reflecting the light was somehow tied to the ring as well.

Patrin studied (Dungeoneering) the stones and actually removed (Strength) one of them. It was a lot lighter than it should be and even sounded hollow inside. He smashed it on the floor and a cloud of black smoke poured of it and lingered in the air for a few minutes before it dissipated.

Our group spends the next few minutes arguing about what’s the best way to get the key out until finally Patrin just reaches in to grab the key of of frustration. He immediately blinks out of the room and into the circle where he can’t move. A few more tense moments pass as panic sets in as to what they were going to do to get him out. Finally he blinks back into the room and out of the circle. Its a few more minutes before he can shake off the effects of the circle and its necrotic energy.

Growing more and more frustrated with just studying and moving blocks around, Patrin once again grabs a block and smashes it on the floor. Again the black cloud appears and lingers in the air between him and the circle. He reaches into the cloud and notices that his hand and arm takes on a “phasing” state and he gets the idea to run through the cloud and into the circle to get the key. Unfortunately, he forgot to double back though the cloud and when he tried to pass through the circle on the opposite side, the circle disappears and 2 Wraiths appear in each corner.

A few more minutes passed while the group made quick work of the Wraiths, they ascended the stairs and made their way back to Fallcrest, Crystal Key in hand.

Upon returning to Cresthill Inn in Fallcrest, Grog met them and took the Crystal Key and informed them that they had to vacate the Inn. The Barron had new recruits showing up next week and he needed the space in the Inn for them.

The group left the Inn and went “House Hunting”

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SESSION THREE: Recover an Artifact


Retrieve an Artifact of unknown origin.


500gp per member



Heroes who answered the call: Dungarth; Gwenn; Kayleth; Lizzi; Samson

The Assignment -

You’ve all been summoned by special request of the Barron to the Silver Unicorn Inn. Upon your arrival, you are ushered to the basement by the establishment’s proprietor, Wisara Osterman. She carries a single candle as she unlocks the door and descends into the darkness. “Mind your step there missy” she says to Lizzi. “I’ve been meaning to have the step replaced.”

The basement is dark until Wisera lights a single lantern setting on a table in the center of the room. Afterwards, she says “I’ll leave you to your business” as she ascends the stairs and closes the door behind her. You hear the distinct “CLICK” of the lock.

A large stack of oaken barrels in the center of the back wall begins to slide towards you. Then it stops. Grog and Barron Cresthill step from behind the stack. “Sorry for the abnormal meeting place but this job is to important for our normal arrangement” the Barron says. “I need you to travel to the Ruins of Fastormel and bring back an artifact of let’s just say significant importance”. He continues “I’ll double your normal fee. 500gp each. Grog will make all the arrangements.” With that, he turns and disappears behind the oaken barrels once more.

Grog hands each of you a coin purse with 5 platinum pieces in it and says “Follow me”. You spend the next half hour or so navigating the twisting tunnels beneath Fallcrest until you finally emerge just outside of town. Grog points to the Northeast, hands you crude map and then turns back towards Fallcrest…………It will be dark soon.

2 days later, just before dusk, you approach the Ruins of Fastormel. You navigate the ruins the best you can based on the map given to you, you think you’re in the right place. Not much much is left of the building in front of you. Most of the back wall is gone, giant holes in the remaining walls. Even the watchtower in the northeast corner was not not spared from the devastation with only about a10-foot section remaining of the circular structure.

It’s a black night. The breeze coming off Lake Nen is cool even at this time of year. On occasion, the glow of the crescent moon is allowed to peak through the thickening clouds. You hear rustling sounds coming from within the building.

Our group was attacked by all sorts of spiders and mosquito looking creatures called Stirges as soon as we entered the remains of the building. We made short work of those critters and then started searching through the rubble for treasure. We discovered several piles gold and even a few healing potions. Gwenn discovered a staircase leading down into the ground and we soon descended.

We descended the stairs and discovered a strong steel door that was magically sealed. we continued looking through a few more rooms and found a room where a wall was crumbing. Gwenn was able to help it crumble even more and we found a natural tunnel behind it. When we entered the chamber beyond the tunnel we were immediately attacked by giant rats and rat swarms pouring from holes in the walls. Dungarth was swarmed by giant rats and soon was bloodied but the group make short work of them.

Gwenn listened at the door and heard more rat sounds. We opened the door to find another very large cavern filled with spiders and rats. After the battle, Samson discovers a empty pedestal and Gwenn a partially hidden room. Kayleth enters and discovers the remains of a captain of the Narathan military. Beneath his skeletal remains she discovers his log book. Most of the book was normal military related stuff, scouting reports and roll call type stuff. But on the inside of the back cover of the book she finds this:

The Orc horde broke through our defenses several days ago. This far north of the Imperial City, I’m surprised we’ve lasted this long. There are so many of them. They come wave after wave. We didn’t stand a chance. My only hope is that Dyrk and Taran were successful in reaching the Dawnforge Mountains in time to craft the key necessary to lock away the artifact. To keep it away from this ravaging horde.It’s the only hope of keeping it out of their hands.They will never be able get to the artifact once its locked away, even if they knew where it was. The Emperor’s own magic will see to that.

Kalaban must have known this day would come. A day when the power and might of Nareth must be locked away until such a time when Emperor Magroth himself will retrieve it from its resting place.

I pray thee Erathis protect you, my trusted friends.

We rested the best we could and then headed back to Fallcrest where we turned over the logbook to Grog.

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SESSION TWO: Beneath Gardmore Abbey


Retrieve an ancient manuscript from a tomb beneath Gardmore Abbey.


200gp per member


Our group heads out to Gardmore Abbey, or actually just south of there where a farmer discovered a secret entrance to the Gardmore Catacombs years earlier. Along the way, Lizzi recounts the story of Armillius Domarien, a high priest of Gardmore Abbey during the Abbey’s heyday at the Peak of Nerath‘s dominance in the Vale area. She explains that Gardmore Abbey was the home of a militant order of Paladin’s devoted to Bahamut. The paladin’s won great fame fighting in distant crusades back during the Nerath Empire’s heyday but that was more than a 150 years ago.

Rumors have it that the Paladins were destroyed by dark forces after returning from a crusade with some dark artifact. Rumors also tell that the battle ended in a stalemate when both sides were destroyed. Several times over that past century, attempts have been made to locate this dark artifact. It’s also known that Armillius Domarien was said to keep meticulous notes on each of the Paladin’s crusades and died mysteriously a few years before the Abbey’s demise. He was buried in an undisclosed location due to the fear of grave robbers. Perhaps the manuscript that they were to retrieve was in fact the the long lost manuscript of Armillius Domarien.

Finally reaching the area where the entrance was said to be, our group spends several hours searching but ultimately find the entrance deep within a cave. Dropping down into the chamber, the group finds obvious signs of a battle. Judging by the remains in the area, the battle took place decades earlier. The group cautiously makes its way through the maze like catacombs encountering only the occasional room filled with statues of Dragonborn Paladins in various combat poses.

Our group finally exits a long dark tunnel into a brightly lit ornate room. A large stone sarcophagus was at the center of the room surrounded by more statues. Grumbar pushes the lid off the sarcophagus and Kayleth discovers a book hidden beneath the mummified remains of its occupant. Immediately upon removing the book from the sarcophagus, the Dragonborn statues animate and attack the group. Quickly dispatching the first statue, the ghostly remains of Armillius Domarien rises from the sarcophagus and instructs the remaining statues to get the book at all cost. Several intense moments result as our group maneuvers to keep Kayleth away from them. Ultimately defeating the statues and the ghost, our group make their way back through the catacombs fighting more and animated statues until they finally exit the catacombs victorious.

Grog is waiting for the party at the gates of Fallcrest and takes possession of the book and our group heads home for a long rest.

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