Delving the Nentir Vale

SESSION TWO: Beneath Gardmore Abbey


Retrieve an ancient manuscript from a tomb beneath Gardmore Abbey.


200gp per member


Our group heads out to Gardmore Abbey, or actually just south of there where a farmer discovered a secret entrance to the Gardmore Catacombs years earlier. Along the way, Lizzi recounts the story of Armillius Domarien, a high priest of Gardmore Abbey during the Abbey’s heyday at the Peak of Nerath‘s dominance in the Vale area. She explains that Gardmore Abbey was the home of a militant order of Paladin’s devoted to Bahamut. The paladin’s won great fame fighting in distant crusades back during the Nerath Empire’s heyday but that was more than a 150 years ago.

Rumors have it that the Paladins were destroyed by dark forces after returning from a crusade with some dark artifact. Rumors also tell that the battle ended in a stalemate when both sides were destroyed. Several times over that past century, attempts have been made to locate this dark artifact. It’s also known that Armillius Domarien was said to keep meticulous notes on each of the Paladin’s crusades and died mysteriously a few years before the Abbey’s demise. He was buried in an undisclosed location due to the fear of grave robbers. Perhaps the manuscript that they were to retrieve was in fact the the long lost manuscript of Armillius Domarien.

Finally reaching the area where the entrance was said to be, our group spends several hours searching but ultimately find the entrance deep within a cave. Dropping down into the chamber, the group finds obvious signs of a battle. Judging by the remains in the area, the battle took place decades earlier. The group cautiously makes its way through the maze like catacombs encountering only the occasional room filled with statues of Dragonborn Paladins in various combat poses.

Our group finally exits a long dark tunnel into a brightly lit ornate room. A large stone sarcophagus was at the center of the room surrounded by more statues. Grumbar pushes the lid off the sarcophagus and Kayleth discovers a book hidden beneath the mummified remains of its occupant. Immediately upon removing the book from the sarcophagus, the Dragonborn statues animate and attack the group. Quickly dispatching the first statue, the ghostly remains of Armillius Domarien rises from the sarcophagus and instructs the remaining statues to get the book at all cost. Several intense moments result as our group maneuvers to keep Kayleth away from them. Ultimately defeating the statues and the ghost, our group make their way back through the catacombs fighting more and animated statues until they finally exit the catacombs victorious.

Grog is waiting for the party at the gates of Fallcrest and takes possession of the book and our group heads home for a long rest.

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