Delving the Nentir Vale

SESSION ONE: Escort the Prisoner


The group is assigned the task of escorting a prisoner from Fallcrest to just north of Winterhaven where the King’s Road ends. The prisoner, the half-elf Elgoth, will the transferred to the care of the King’s Guard in four days.


200gp per member


You enter the backroom as you’ve done on many occasions looking for work. You immediately notice that Grog is not in his customary place but instead emerges from behind the wall. He motions for you to join him. When you go behind the wall you notice a doorway to your left that has never been there before. He motions for you to step through.

“Greetings!” exclaims the man you recognize as Barron Cresthill setting behind a large oaken desk.

“I know this is a bit odd but I have a very important task I need you to complete for me and I felt compelled to deliver this job in person.”

“I need you to deliver the prisoner Elgoth to the King. Actually he needs to be delivered to a contingent of the King’s guards that are due to arrive at the end of the King’s Road just north of Winterhaven in four days.”

“I can depend on you to get him there. Correct?”

The group accepted the job and soon left Fallcrest destined for Winterhaven. A few miles up the road the group ran across a farmer and his wife being accosted by bandits or so they thought. It turns out that it was a setup to free Elgoth. The group made short work of the bandits and were once again one their way to Winterhaven. The rest of the day was uneventful.

The next day, a few miles from Gardmore Abbey our group was once attacked by Elgoth‘s men. The bandit’s were getting desperate to free their leader and the battle was long and bloody. Our group finally made it to Winterhaven and turned Elgoth over to the city watch to be placed in the city stockade.

Shortly after midnight a great explosion rocked Winterhaven. Bandits had breached the city walls and poured into the city, set on freeing their leader. Our group fought throughout the night with the aid of the city watch and finally the bandits withdrew. The decision was made leave Winterhaven immediately before the bandits had time to regroup and attack the city once more.

Shortly after dawn, our group arrived at the rendezvous point and set up defensive positions to await the arrival of the King’s Guard. The bandits made one final push to free their leader. Greatly outnumbered, our group fights off the bandits but sustains heavy damage. With the the arrival of the King’s Guard, the bandits were once again repelled and Elgoth was turned over to them for transport.

Our group’s return journey to Fallcrest was uneventful.

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