Delving the Nentir Vale


Our group sets out to spend some of their well earned money that they’ve been collecting these past 3 years. They purchase new homes, buy new weapons and armor and then head back over to the Cresthill Inn to check out the Job Board.

Lizzi buys the abandoned house just below the Septarch’s Tower from Nimozaran the Green. She spends a few thousand gold fixing up the place

Samson buys a house from Nimena Sandercot for fair price and spends another thousand in gold fixing it up to suit his needs.

Patrin simply moves into one of the abandoned houses on the west side of the Nentir River. He spends a few thousand gold fixing up the place up and settles in.

Kayleth purchased her new home from Lord Markelhay himself.

Gwenn buys her new home from Orest Naerumer who had just finished remodeling it. It was in excellent condition so she just moved it and set up house.

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