Delving the Nentir Vale

SESSION THREE: Recover an Artifact


Retrieve an Artifact of unknown origin.


500gp per member



Heroes who answered the call: Dungarth; Gwenn; Kayleth; Lizzi; Samson

The Assignment -

You’ve all been summoned by special request of the Barron to the Silver Unicorn Inn. Upon your arrival, you are ushered to the basement by the establishment’s proprietor, Wisara Osterman. She carries a single candle as she unlocks the door and descends into the darkness. “Mind your step there missy” she says to Lizzi. “I’ve been meaning to have the step replaced.”

The basement is dark until Wisera lights a single lantern setting on a table in the center of the room. Afterwards, she says “I’ll leave you to your business” as she ascends the stairs and closes the door behind her. You hear the distinct “CLICK” of the lock.

A large stack of oaken barrels in the center of the back wall begins to slide towards you. Then it stops. Grog and Barron Cresthill step from behind the stack. “Sorry for the abnormal meeting place but this job is to important for our normal arrangement” the Barron says. “I need you to travel to the Ruins of Fastormel and bring back an artifact of let’s just say significant importance”. He continues “I’ll double your normal fee. 500gp each. Grog will make all the arrangements.” With that, he turns and disappears behind the oaken barrels once more.

Grog hands each of you a coin purse with 5 platinum pieces in it and says “Follow me”. You spend the next half hour or so navigating the twisting tunnels beneath Fallcrest until you finally emerge just outside of town. Grog points to the Northeast, hands you crude map and then turns back towards Fallcrest…………It will be dark soon.

2 days later, just before dusk, you approach the Ruins of Fastormel. You navigate the ruins the best you can based on the map given to you, you think you’re in the right place. Not much much is left of the building in front of you. Most of the back wall is gone, giant holes in the remaining walls. Even the watchtower in the northeast corner was not not spared from the devastation with only about a10-foot section remaining of the circular structure.

It’s a black night. The breeze coming off Lake Nen is cool even at this time of year. On occasion, the glow of the crescent moon is allowed to peak through the thickening clouds. You hear rustling sounds coming from within the building.

Our group was attacked by all sorts of spiders and mosquito looking creatures called Stirges as soon as we entered the remains of the building. We made short work of those critters and then started searching through the rubble for treasure. We discovered several piles gold and even a few healing potions. Gwenn discovered a staircase leading down into the ground and we soon descended.

We descended the stairs and discovered a strong steel door that was magically sealed. we continued looking through a few more rooms and found a room where a wall was crumbing. Gwenn was able to help it crumble even more and we found a natural tunnel behind it. When we entered the chamber beyond the tunnel we were immediately attacked by giant rats and rat swarms pouring from holes in the walls. Dungarth was swarmed by giant rats and soon was bloodied but the group make short work of them.

Gwenn listened at the door and heard more rat sounds. We opened the door to find another very large cavern filled with spiders and rats. After the battle, Samson discovers a empty pedestal and Gwenn a partially hidden room. Kayleth enters and discovers the remains of a captain of the Narathan military. Beneath his skeletal remains she discovers his log book. Most of the book was normal military related stuff, scouting reports and roll call type stuff. But on the inside of the back cover of the book she finds this:

The Orc horde broke through our defenses several days ago. This far north of the Imperial City, I’m surprised we’ve lasted this long. There are so many of them. They come wave after wave. We didn’t stand a chance. My only hope is that Dyrk and Taran were successful in reaching the Dawnforge Mountains in time to craft the key necessary to lock away the artifact. To keep it away from this ravaging horde.It’s the only hope of keeping it out of their hands.They will never be able get to the artifact once its locked away, even if they knew where it was. The Emperor’s own magic will see to that.

Kalaban must have known this day would come. A day when the power and might of Nareth must be locked away until such a time when Emperor Magroth himself will retrieve it from its resting place.

I pray thee Erathis protect you, my trusted friends.

We rested the best we could and then headed back to Fallcrest where we turned over the logbook to Grog.

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