Delving the Nentir Vale

SESSION EIGHT: Kobold Hall - Part 1


Kobold Hall – Part 1


500gp per Member

Kobold hall


Heroes who answered the call: Kayleth; Lizzi; Samson

Pre-Session Activity

The past week (in-game) saw our adventures busy working their “Day Jobs” and visiting friends. Samson had been out of town during the previous excursion to retrieve a stolen item so he spent his week restocking supplies. On one such outing, he caught the attention of a fair-haired,blue-eyed beauty but unfortunately, lost her in the crowd of people in the street. He may never know who she was.

Session Activity

The Assignment -

Our group was once again summoned to the Cresthill Inn where we met with Grog. He explained that recent travelers on the King’s Road have been brutally slain. He suspected that more Kobolds had reoccupied Kobold Hall but is was very uncharacteristic of Kobolds to be so brutal. The Barron authorized him to double the normal fee and the group were to set out immediately to investigate the problem.

They arrived at Kobold Hall and saw nothing of immediate concern. When they entered the ruins, all was as it had been left just a few months earlier when they cleaned out the previous occupants. (In fact, the very first 4e adventure I ran for this group was the Kobold Hall adventure from the DMG almost 2 years ago) Our group made their way through the keep and eventually to the lair of the white dragon where they spotted a door that must have been covered with ice the last time they were here. Upon further examination, the door lead further down beneath the keep.

Descending the stairs our group finds itself in a small ante-chamber with 3 doors:

Kobold hall ante chamber

After several minutes of discussion, our group opens one of the doors and finds more stairs. Descending into the darkness our group finds themselves in a dungeon beneath Kobold Hall.

Kh pt1 start

[DM’S NOTE: This is the first real use of the Rules for Dungeon Exploration that I developed a while back and turned out pretty well. I think I need to revisit some of the results tables but all in all they had a good experience.]

Our group sets out exploring the dungeon looking for any signs of Kobolds. It was obvious that nothing had been in this dungeon in eons or so our group was beginning to think. Lizzi was a little careless in entering an area and did not see the runes etched into the stone floor. The entire area around her exploded in a ball of fire singeing her clothes and hair. A little further down the hall, Kayleth finds their first room. Listening intently at the door, she overhears a conversation but in a language she does not understand. Opening the door, our group finds the Kobolds they have been seeking. Or are they?

The creatures standing before them are some sort of Kobold abomination. Darker skinned and more hideous than other Kobolds they have come across before, these Kobolds appeared to be busting from their skin. They had large gaping holes in their bodies and torn flesh that oozed a purple and gold and red. The look in their eyes told our heroes that there would be no talking to this group. They immediately rushed our group with spears and swords!

Samson was the first to fell one of the abominations and when it fell to the floor, it was as if the purple and gold liquid immediately drained from its body and ran between the cracks in the stone floor. “That can’t be good!” said Samson

The group spent a few more minutes battling the kobolds and as each one fell, the purple and gold liquid drained from their bodies and disappeared beneath the floor.

More exploration and 2 more rooms were discovered by our group of adventurers. The last room had several brutish kobolds the likes our group had never seen before as well as a Kobold spell caster that gave them fits. On more than one occasion our group was wondering if they had bitten off more than they could chew (it’s a good thing the stocked up on healing potions before they left) but ultimately they prevailed.

With this side of the ante-chamber cleaned out, our group decides to head back to Fallcrest to report what they have discovered. Grog seemed very concerned and departed immedialty to talk with the Barron. He told our group to rest up, resupply and meet him back at the Inn the next afternoon.

Post-Session Activity

The group spends time selling a few magic items and gems that they picked up while in the dungeon and decided to go ahead retire to their homes to rest before meeting Grog the next day.

We ended the session knowing it was a good day of gaming.

[DM NOTE: Here is the final layout of our dungeon exploration. All in all, everyone really enjoyed the randomness of the play session and towards the end, with only a few tiles left, it was like was like they were play Russian Roulette, hoping they would not be the one to pull the final door tile. It was a fun time.

Kh pt1 complete

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