Delving the Nentir Vale

SESSION NINE: Kobold Hall - Part 2


Kobold Hall – Part 2


1000gp per Member

Kobold hall


Heroes who answered the call: Kayleth; Lizzi; Samson

Pre-Session Activity

The pre-session activity for this session consisted of simply selling off the magic items found in the previous session and purchasing healing potions. Less than one day of game time passed between the two sessions.

Session Activity

The Assignment -

When our group meets up with Grog the next morning and he tells them that apparently some sort of plague had reached the Nentir Vale. The description of the Kobolds matched reports of other infected creatures outside the Vale. He urged them to find the source of this plague and dispatch it quickly but to make sure that none of them become infected. The Barron had once again authorized him to double our normal fee. There is no known cure. Our group then departed for Kobold Hall.

Making their way back to area where the secret door is and descending the stairs once again, our group finds itself in the small ante-chamber with 3 doors:

Kobold hall ante chamber

Our group opens another door and once again finds more stairs. Descending into the darkness our group finds themselves in another section of dungeon beneath Kobold Hall once again.

Kh pt1 start

Traversing the dungeon was becoming “old hat” for our group of adventurers and only once did someone get careless and set off a trap. Fortunatly for our group, Samson was the only one standing close by when the runes exploded, sending an electric shock throughout the area. Samson was able to shake off the effects immediately and our group pressed on.

Once again our group found three areas filled with the plague infested Kobolds and once again they wiped them out. Burning through most of their healing potions once again, our group decides to return to Fallcrest, report what they have found, restock their supplies and return the next day to enter the third and final door.

Post-Session Activity

There was really no post-session activity this time.

[DM NOTE: I forgot to get a picture of the layout of our dungeon exploration for this session because it was so late when we finished.]

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