Delving the Nentir Vale

SESSION SEVEN: Retrieve Stolen Property


Retrieve Stolen Property


250gp per Member

Heroes who answered the call: Aramil; Gwenn; Kayleth; Lizzi; Patrin

Pre-Session Activity

This play session saw the first use of the new in-game time frames that we’ve implemented. Read more about that here. Each placer spent a considerable amount of time developing their PC’s daily habits and establishing their day-to-day routines. There was a lot of talk about jobs and about the future business the PCs would start or buy when money became available. Overall, the players really enjoyed the “bringing it to life” aspect of the game that we’ve decided to do. We’re really flushing out the Fallcrest area with an enhanced Fallcrest Location Key and the daily habits of each of the PCs. The coming months should prove to be exciting as we continue to perform the odd job for the Barron as well as the other routines that we’ve established for our PCs.

Session Activity

The Assignment -

Our group was summomed to the Cresthill Inn where we met with Barron Cresthill and Grog.

The Barron explained that a lady had something stolen and he had reason to believe that it was of such significant importance that he purchased the item from the lady and was sending us to retrieve it. From the description given by the lady, Grog suspected that one of the River Rats was responsible for the theft and we were to go talk with a man named Gort in the Lower Warehouse District to find out where he may be.

The Lower Warehouse District

We headed off to find this Gort person and it did not take long. Hoever, Gort is a nervous type of follow and when Lizzi tried to talked to him about the River Rats, he took off running.

We finally chased him down and got him to talk but not before Patrin threatened to pound him. He told us that if the River Rats were looking sell something that was stolen, they would go see Mira Moonridge, the human female who ran the Black Market Underground. After a little more convincing, Gort was happy to tell where we could find this Mira Moonridge and the Black Market Underground.

At the north end of the Lower Warehouse District we found the grate that Gort told us about and quickly descended into a underground city. Apparantly Aramil had been studying Fallcrest’s history because he know that the Fallcrest that we know today was actually built upon the remains of a much older city. The Black Market Underground was in fact some of the remains of that city from long ago.

The Underground

The Black Market Underground was actually bustling with activity, much like the Market Green up on the surface. There were stores and stall vendors all selling merchandise, some probably of questionable origin. Each of us talked to vendors and customers alike trying to get information on the whereabouts of Mira Moonridge. Most would not even talk to us but finally we discovered her shop and went inside.

Mira Moonridge was a middle-aged human female with eyes as cold as ice. When we entered her shop she was quick to put on the persona of the eager shopkeeper but as soon as we asked about the River Rats, her demeanor turned as cold as her stares. She was none to eager to tell us anything but finally out of desperation to get us to leave her shop, she told us that she did not buy “items such as that which your seek.” She wanted noting to do with “that sort of stuff”. When asked where the guy went when she did not purchase the stolen goods, she said that he would sure find a buyer in the old keep on the edge of The Cloakwood in the Witchlight Fens. She told us of a shortcut through the underground and then through the sewers below that.

The Fens

We walked for what seemed like days but eventually we emerged from the sewers into the Witchlight Fens. We emerged just in time to catch a patrol of Lizardfolk by surprise and we dispatched them fairly quickly.

The Keep

Arriving at the keep we found the main gate ajar and just walked in. Our sudden presence startled a couple of guards who called for reinforcements. This battle was long and grueling. Several party members were being hit by some unknown assailant and taking considerable damage from what or whomever was in hiding. After several tense moments, Gwenn and Aramil climbed a nearby ladder and discovered a guy with a sling hidden in the shadows of the tall parapet walls.

While Gwenn and Aramil took care of the guy with the sling, the rest of the party had there hands full with a bunch of human street thugs. The interesting part was the number of Tieflings that were present along with the humans and we guessed they were not all part of the same gang. Kayleth spotted a guy who matched the description given to them by Grog and quickly took him out with a little help from Patrin and Samson. Kayleth spotted the stolen item lying next to the thuggish brute she just took care of and picked it up. That’s about the time she spotted the other human and so she took off after him.

Lizzi was taking a beating from a few of those Tieflings until Patrin joined her. They finished them off and then entered one of the shacks looking for more.

By the time Gwenn and Aramil finished off the guy with the sling, another one emerged on the opposite side of the compound that was giving the rest of the party fits. While the others finished off those down below, they made there way around the parapet and finished him off as well.

Our group spent several hours rummaging around in the buildings gathering up items we thought might be of value. We departed the keep and arrived at Fallcrest just before sundown.

Post-Session Activity

We spent another half hour discussing the “Post-Session” activities of selling and divvying up the loot. That lead to other discussions of pay from jobs and payments to employees and hirelings. It was decided that a “normal” wage for our group would be 40gp per month.

That discussion lead to more discussions about treasure and the fact of “that’s why we go adventuring. To find the treasure…………” With that we decided on a more traditional treasure parcel system from the more random system we were currently using although I’m not quite sure what that will look like in the coming months.

We ended the session knowing it was a good day of gaming.

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