Delving the Nentir Vale

SESSION FOUR: The Crystal Key


Retrieve a Crystal Key


250gp per member



Heroes who answered the call: Gwenn; Kayleth; Lizzi; Patrin; Samson

The Assignment -

The group traveled to the Witchlight Fens in search of a tower. Around dusk that same day, the group discovered a half-buried tower in the muck of the swamp. A quick investigation revealed a staircase leading further down into the tower, below the muck.

Upon descending the stairs:

Decay chokes the air in the modest antechamber. Across it,
a dark passage reveals another staircase going down. You
glimpse glowing pinpricks in the gloom ahead and a faint
shuffling noise that grows louder. Now you see that those
dots of light are the faintly glowing eye sockets of horrid,
rotting zombies with blackened claws.

Yep Zombies! foul smelling undead things.

Our group quickly descends the stairs and dispatches the Zombies back to the land of the dead. A quick look around the room and the group surmises that it was once used for some foul experiments. Blood stains are still on the walls and floor. Our group exits the room though a set of double wooden doors set in the eastern wall. In the next room:

A plain stone room stretches ahead. Double doors, wooden and reinforced with iron bands, stand opposite the ones you just opened. All is still. All is quiet.

Through the perceptive eyes of Kayleth and Gwenn they both spot slots in the floor and ceiling both running east and west. Unfortunately, they notice this after the group had already sprung the trap. Whirling cycle blades emerge from the floor and ceiling at random locations as the group makes their way across the room to another set of wooden doors. Lizzi and Samson both attempt to unlock the door but has no luck.

Finally Gwenn spots a control panel hidden in the southeastern corner of the room. Kayleth quickly moves to it and attempts to disarm the trap. With a twist of a knob and push of a button, she feels a distinct click. (1 success) Both Kayleth and Samson attempt to deactivate the trap but were both unsuccessful (2 failures). While this was going on Lizzi and Patrin both try fend of the Cycles. Lizzi fared a lot better than Patrin who became bloodied but not before getting in a couple of good licks on those things.

Gwenn screams “Let me give it a try” and starts twisting knobs and pushing buttons in the panel but all she could manage is to “jam” a few leavers causing more cycles to appear now. (3 failures). Gwenn, Kayleth and Samson were all hit by the new cycles before Patrin tries the door. “IT’S UNLOCKED” he yells as he exits the room. The rest of the group spends a few more tense minutes dodging cycles before also exiting the room. Whew!

This musty chamber contains four sarcophagi. Doors lead out in the center of the far wall. Bones lie in heaps around the room, mixed with blades and bows. A clattering noise reveals that these aren’t ordinary bones, and that is confirmed when they rise up as one, brandishing pitted and notched weapons.

“More of these things” hollers Gwenn. Two Skeletons flank the group from either of the corners as soon as the group enters the room and keeps them busy while more Skeletons against the far wall pepper them with arrows from their longbows. The group makes short work of the Skeletons but a Bat would swoop out of the darkness and attack Patrin. It was doing some serious damage until Kayleth and Gwenn got it in their sights and took it out. Our group searches the room and only finds a few coins but Gwenn finds a shiny gold Amulet and Lizzi finds a shiny long sword…………….On to the next room

Skeletal warriors, some in wretched condition, stand at the ready in this massive chamber. They raise swords and bows to protect the ghostly form of a headless humanoid dressed
in long, flowing robes. Despite its lack of a head, the ghost cackles when you enter, greeting you with madness.

“Thieves!” it laughs, its voice echoing throughout the room. “I thank you for releasing me from prison. Your reward will be death!”

And with that a volley of arrows stick the group from a row of Skeletal Archers in the back of the room. The Ghost then did some “hokey-pokey” thing and the entire group was hit with necrotic energy. Every one expect Kayleth continued to take damage for several more rounds before they were able to shake it off. All the while the Ghost is trash talking about killing everyone.

The battle was pretty intense and at one point Samson goes down after a volley of arrows hit him and a nasty “Ankle Biter” Skeleton gets him. Fortunately for him, Lizzi was standing right beside him and Laid Hands on him. The ghost trash talking the whole time. By this time, the group had gone through almost all their healing potions and their reserve strength (surge) was all but depleted. It was looking mighty grim. (it got real quite around the table too)

Gwenn began using a special feature of her repeating crossbow that allows her to fire multiple shots at multiple targets and after a few more rounds, the Skeletal Archers were gone. By the time the Archers were gone, the rest of the group had taken out the remaining skeletons. That only left the ghost and wouldn’t you know it, he flees through the back wall.

Again, the sarcophagi were searched and this time Patrin finds a ladder inside one of them that descended down into darkness. Our group decides to put the lid back on the sarcophagus and try to get some shut eye.

<< Players, DM and characters take this opportunity to get some shut eye; play resumed the next afternoon >>

After a few hours of rest, the group felt refreshed and ready to descend into the darkness beneath the sarcophagus.

Soft blue light emanates from a glowing ring set in the floor’s center. Flecks in the walls catch and reflect the light. In the ring’s center hovers a small, blue crystal that is flattened at one end.

“The key!” exclaims Lizzi

Our group spends several hours trying to figure out how to get the key from within the glowing ring. Samson determined (arcana) the ring was defiantly of magical origin and that the stones in the walls reflecting the light was somehow tied to the ring as well.

Patrin studied (Dungeoneering) the stones and actually removed (Strength) one of them. It was a lot lighter than it should be and even sounded hollow inside. He smashed it on the floor and a cloud of black smoke poured of it and lingered in the air for a few minutes before it dissipated.

Our group spends the next few minutes arguing about what’s the best way to get the key out until finally Patrin just reaches in to grab the key of of frustration. He immediately blinks out of the room and into the circle where he can’t move. A few more tense moments pass as panic sets in as to what they were going to do to get him out. Finally he blinks back into the room and out of the circle. Its a few more minutes before he can shake off the effects of the circle and its necrotic energy.

Growing more and more frustrated with just studying and moving blocks around, Patrin once again grabs a block and smashes it on the floor. Again the black cloud appears and lingers in the air between him and the circle. He reaches into the cloud and notices that his hand and arm takes on a “phasing” state and he gets the idea to run through the cloud and into the circle to get the key. Unfortunately, he forgot to double back though the cloud and when he tried to pass through the circle on the opposite side, the circle disappears and 2 Wraiths appear in each corner.

A few more minutes passed while the group made quick work of the Wraiths, they ascended the stairs and made their way back to Fallcrest, Crystal Key in hand.

Upon returning to Cresthill Inn in Fallcrest, Grog met them and took the Crystal Key and informed them that they had to vacate the Inn. The Barron had new recruits showing up next week and he needed the space in the Inn for them.

The group left the Inn and went “House Hunting”

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