Delving the Nentir Vale

SESSION SIX: Wyrmling Problems


Wyrmling Problems


250gp per member

173 cs lost library


Heroes who answered the call: Gwenn; Kayleth; Lizzi; Patrin; Samson

The Assignment -

Farmer’s near The Chaos Scar complain about a Brown Wyrmling. Investigate the Wyrmling problem and help out the farmers.

Our group makes their way to the farmlands near The Chaos Scar and finds several farmers who recently lost sheep or cattle to a “reptilian creature” the size of a small dog. Judging by viciousness of the attacks and the tracks near-by, our group does in fact believe it to be a small Wyrmling. Combing the country-side, our group soon discovers a series of caves on the outer edge of The Chaos Scar and decide to investigate.

The grass grows sparse as you approach the cave, revealing a sand-covered stone floor. A well-trodden trail leads into the darkness. The sound of metal on rock reverberates throughout the cavern.

The group cautiously enters the mouth of the cave and no sooner as they were all inside:

Sand scatters as a brown dragon the size of a small dog launches itself out of the ground. Bellowing, the dragon says, “A swift death comes to those that interfere with the creation of my home.”

The Wrymling comes to rest at the bottom of a small set of stairs. Our group quickly rushes the Wyrmling only to come face-to-face with a wall of fire from the Wyrmling that temporarily blinds the entire party. Swinging and firing wildly in the direction of the Wyrmling, they manage to mortally wound it. It promptly kicks up a big cloud of dust and buries itself in the sand again. That’s about the time our group spots the others!

Apparently the Wrymling had enlisted the help of a few Kobolds because the lower chamber was full of them. Our group was so preoccupied with the dragon that they missed the presence of the Kobolds.

Several of the Kobolds had short swords and rushed the group while they were still at the stop of the stairs. Another one further inside the cave, at the back, was slinging some sort of sticky stuff but was not very accurate with his shots. Patrin wound up stepping in a bunch of the sticky stuff anyway and was held in place for a few minutes. Eventually the group cleared out the Kobolds and made their way further into the cave in search of the Wrymling.

As you turn the corner, the natural walls of the passage abruptly transition into well-crafted stonework. A rock wall that sealed off the tunnel has been pushed down and now lies scattered on the floor, allowing access to a chamber illuminated by a soft blue glow.

Two ransacked bookshelves lean against the walls of the room. The contents of the shelves have been thrown into a moldering pile on the floor.

An antique desk sits near the middle of the room, surrounded by glowing dwarven runes carved into the floor. Behind the desk is a wooden table covered in alchemical equipment. In the far corner of the room, a humming arcane portal hovers a few inches above a glowing circle carved into the floor.

As a small clutch of kobolds turn to face you, a dragonborn clad in leather armor unsheathes a longsword and nimbly advances, snarling.

No sooner had the group entered the room than a Kobold weilding a Pick-Axe rushes Patrin, Patrin simply swats the attack away and conks the guy on the head and he collapses into a pile on the floor at Patrin’s feet.

The Dragonbord proved to be a tougher opponent, especially with Patrin and Samson “Stuck” in place by more of the sticky-pot throwing Kobolds. Once the Dragonborn went down, Samson decided to cross the room and get in the face of the Sticky-pot slinging Kobolds and totally forgot about the “glowing dwarven runes” around the desk.


Samson is hit by a wall of force and spends a few minutes wondering what happened. In the mean-time, the rest of the group crosses the room and takes out the remaining Kobolds.

Gwenn spends a few minutes sifting through the pile of books and determines that the books deal with esoteric arcane knowledge, such as the creation of magical items or the history of the Elemental Chaos. She decides to gather them up to see if she can sell them to someone in Fallcrest when she returns.

Patrin rummages around on the desk and finds a note:

“It is fitting that the lantern’s elemental
flame grants access to my library; only
the knowledge in these books has granted
me the power to tame the elements. My
mastery over earth and stone continues
to grow. I excavated the Tomb in record
time and the portal opens perfectly when I
blow the whistle.

I wish I did not need a tomb, but I’ve
chased off too many grave robbers over
the past few months. I could not risk
Locantra’s body being stolen. I moved
entire blocks of earth at once, but they are
now safe deep underground—the dead
shall lie in peace.

I have only one chamber left to build,
but it will be the most difficult of all. I
am almost finished with the key—just
one final enchantment and the battle
standard will be complete."

Kayleth finds two vials of a purplish liquid (later determined to be alchemist’s acid) and some other alchemical reagents (she later sold for 50gp).

After much discussion, our group decides to step through the portal in the corner of the room.

As you step through the portal, you feel your bodies shifted through miles of rock in a moment that feels both instantaneous and endless. You feel your form coalesce in a rocky chamber standing in a glowing yellow circle. A hovering lantern stands a short distance away, illuminating the room. Before you is a wooden staircase leading up to the rest of the room. At the top of the stairs stands a Dragonborn clad in scale next to a small ballista that swivels, of its volition, in your direction.

The ballista was apparently enchanted because it fires as soon as the group appears in the chamber and hits Lizzi and Patrin pretty good. Samson and Lizzi rush the stairs while Patrin heads for a corner. He then tries to scale the 10-foot high walls but can’t get a hand-hold so he to decides to rush the stairs as well.

Samson and Patrin concentrate their attacks on the ballista and at one point Samson even manages to make the ballista fire at the Dragonborn before he finally destroys it. Gwenn and Kayleth concentrate the efforts on more of those sticky-pot throwing Kobolds and Lizzi rushes the Dragonborn at the top of the stairs. Lizzi manages to land a good blow on the Dragonborn but he wheels around and catches her with a solid hit from his longsword. She stumbles and falls a few feet down the stairs, bleeding pretty good.

Kayleth leaves Gwenn down below to take care of the final Kobold and rushes up the stairs to help the rest of her friends. She catches the Dragonborn totally by surprise with 2 really good hits from her axes. The Dragonborn, obviously fearing for his life, bolts around the group, leaps off the balcony, rolls and tumbles into the teleportation circle and disappears, leaving only a shaking Kobold Wyrmpriest. Despite his best efforts, he does not last long and quickly goes down.

Searching the area, the group finds a large trap door, that Gwenn manages to open. From the looks of things it appeared to be a resting chamber and was even lockable from the inside. Finding nothing further of value, our group makes it way back out of the area, confident that the Wyrmling will not bother the farmers any longer and they made their way back to Fallcrest.

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