Quick Notes

Quick notes

  • use tiles from the Wrath of Ashardalon and Castle Ravenloft board games
  • All standard D&D 4e actions apply
  • players can only “explore” the tile they are currently on; no “drive-by” exploring
  • players may assist other players only if they are on the same tile or an adjoining tile
  • players who trip a trap, loose all remaining actions

Player’s Turn

  • players roll initiative and place mini’s on start tile
  • on player’s initiative he/she performs a standard, move, minor, free action
  • Move – player moves their speed and may draw a tile if on the edge on an existing tile
  • Standard – used to “explore” the tile where the PC resides
    • player chooses a skill to use and rolls a d20 to beat the DC of the dungeon
    (moderate DC suggested)
    – success – rolls another d20 on the success table
    – fail – rolls another d20 on the fail table
    – resolve roll results before moving on even if combat (PC can still take unused actions after resolving results
  • Minor – perform as normal
  • Free – performs as normal
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Quick Notes

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