Revenant – Death usually represents the gateway to the afterlife or the end of a natural existence. Sometimes, however, death can be just the beginning. For some select individuals, the Raven Queen or another agency of death bars passage to the next stage of existence, turning a soul back toward the natural world. In such instances, fate has other plans.

A revenant arises not as an aimless corpse but as the embodiment of a lost soul given new purpose. Such a creature walks in two worlds. While the revenant moves among the living, it also exists in the shadows, haunted by the vague memories of a life it no longer possesses.

Revenants do not build settlements or share a common culture as is customary of the other races. The only attributes that connect these living undead are a set of common physical characteristics and a similar origin and destiny. In all cases, a revenant is purposefully returned to the natural world after succumbing to a cessation of life. Dead, but unable to find its way to whatever waits beyond death’s dark gates, the once-living soul is reconstituted as a revenant.

Revenants are souls of the dead returned to asemblance of life by the Raven Queen or some other agency of the afterlife. Revenants do not appear as undead horrors or even anything like their former selves. When the [[Raven Queen] reincarnates souls, they exist as her special creations, and they have the bodies of her choosing and creation. In this way, such
souls are always marked as representatives of the Raven Queen’s power. They emerge from the shadow of death fully formed and fully grown, set to handle whatever tasks they have been returned to deal with.

A revenant has a body that is slender for his or her height, but this form possesses an uncanny toughness that contradicts the apparent build. Revenants have the same range of complexions as humans, but a revenant’s skin is ashen and the features are sunken. Eyes
are most commonly solid black with a single point of red light burning within them, but other eerie eye colors – including yellow, white, silver, and gold – are not uncommon. In some cases, the eyes glow with a ghostly light. Revenants’ hair typically ranges from black through shades of gray to white. Revenants can grow facial hair, and males often have beards or mustaches that accentuate their ashen countenances.

A revenant’s face and skin clearly set a member of this race apart from other humanoids. A revenant’s visage has a masklike quality that can be disturbing to mortal beings. Rough, dark scales appear on the flesh near the ends of a revenant’s limbs, marking the revenant as one of those the Raven Queen has allowed back into the world of the living. A revenant’s extremities end in strong, black fingernails and toenails that resemble claws.

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