The Passage of Time

The passage of game time has been broken up into the following general time frames:

  1. Pre-Session Activity (1 Week)
  2. Session Activity (2 Weeks)
  3. Post-Session Activity (1 Week)
General Time Considerations

As you can see, the time spent per game session spans a complete month of in-game time. This allows us to play 12 sessions and then the PCs gain a level. That’s around 36 – 40 encounters per PC level. That’s well beyond what the 4e rules say but with the way we can swap PCs in and out of the campaign, we felt this was a nice compromise and allows the player’s to get accustomed to each PCs powers.

After the 12th play session, will we enter the “First Calendar Month” and our PCs will gain another level, get another year older and purchase appropriate items from the “Dwarven Caravan” that visits Fallcrest each November.

After the 6th play session the “Dwarven Caravan” makes another stop in Fallcrest and allows the PCs to once again sell and purchase items. (Mid-Level upgrades)

Campaign calendar
Pre-Session Activity

This activity period accounts for mundane activities that each PC has been doing since the last play session. These activities include:

* Collecting 40gp for working at a local business
* Paying employees or hirelings
* Performing home remodeling or repairs
* Shopping for everyday items such as groceries and household items
* Researching items, rituals, people, etc
* Visiting with family or friends
Session Activity

This activity period accounts for the party’s actual involvement on a job assignment from the Barron. These are typically accounted for here.

Post-Session Activity

This activity period accounts for the time right after the PCs return from a job assignment. These activities generally include:

* Debriefed by Grog or Barron Cresthill
* Appraising and / or selling items found during the assignment
* Resting or seeking medical attention
* Repairing or mending of items damaged during the recent assignment
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The Passage of Time

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