Treasure Parcels

Our campaign uses modified rules for “Awarding Treasure” found on page 246 of the D&D Essentials – Dungeon Master’s Book.

The Dungeon Master’s Book suggests the following for a level 3 party of adventurers:

(11-12) 3d8 x 100 Sp; (13+) 3d8 x 10 gp
(17+) 1d3 gems worth 100 gp
(19+) one art object worth 250 gp
(13+) one magic item of level 1d4 + 3

The book also suggests no more than 10 treasure parcels per character level.


Since our group of adventurers are playing in excess of 36 encounters before advancing in level, treasure parcels will be awarded based on the number of encounters plus 1d6 more parcels.

[Last Updated: 9/10/2011]

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Treasure Parcels

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