A complete listing of the homes For-Sale in the area:

Area Status Condition Description
30 For-Sale Good This modest house in the Upper District has been for sale for only a short period and can be purchased for the sum of 12,500gp. Selarund Halfmoon is firm on the price.
31 For-Sale Good This modest house in the Upper District, near the Tombwood, has been for sale for a few years now and can be purchased for the sum of 9,500gp although it’s said the Lannar Thistleton might take less if he takes a liking to you.
32 For-Sale Good This small house at the foot to the Bluffs, belongs to a member of the Azaer family. I can be had for 2,400gp but they will only sell it to you if you’re a Tiefling.
34 For-Sale Excellent This house belongs to Par Winnomer who just recently moved out and into his Mother’s house who passed away just last winter. Most of Par’s stuff is still in the house and it’s rumored that if he can find a abled-bodied person to help him move the stuff out, he would make them a decent offer to sell it to them
35 For-Sale Good This house did belong to Teldorthan Ironhews‘s brother, Malagar. Malagar recently died while trying to recover a prized piece of Dragon hide that was stolen from a merchant caravan from Winterhaven. Teldorthan may consider giving the house to the an abled-bodied adventurer who can recover the dragon hide and bring swift justice to alagar’s murderer.
37 For-Sale Fair This house also belongs to Nimena Sandercot, who’s looking to sell-off a few of the Sandercot properties. She’s asking for 1,800gp for this one.
38 For-Sale Good This modest Estate also belongs to Nimena Sandercot. It includes a house and fenced area. She’s asking for 12,000gp for this one.
39 Abandoned Needs Work This modest farm house needs work but for the right handyman, it would make a nice homestead.
41 Abandoned Needs Work This small farm house needs work but for the right handyman, it would make a nice homestead.
44 For-Sale Needs Work Used as a bunkhouse for the City’s Watch back before the Bloodspear War, This secluded house has potential to be a nice home for the right person. It’s a steal at only 17,000gp. Lord Markelhey feels like he’s giving it away at that price and won’t take less.

| 46 | For-Sale | Good | The Moonsong Temple priests were instrumental in having this “Gambling House” condemned by the town council years ago and now stands empty. The house Azaer owns the house and is looking to unload it, even to a non-Tiefling. They are asking 9,800gp for it. |

47 For-Sale Needs Work Wisara Osterman bought this house a few years back with the intend on opening up another Inn in Fallcrest. Business has not been good these last few a years and is now looking to sell it. She’s asking 18,000gp for it.
49 For-Sale Good This small shack near the Knight’s Gate is owned by Sergeant Nereth who’s looking to sell it in hopes of buying one of the houses being offered by Nimena Sandercot

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